Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Failure of Indian Economy

Today we crossed Rs.65/$ government is imposing tax on TV LED,LCD, and plasma TV 35%.. and government have a another plan. 

Now government is focusing on rich and NRI those who declare there money and honestly paying there taxes. For NRI earning government will impose tax and and what they will carry to there loving motherland they again take money from them..

Why UPA failed:

  1. Pro poor politics where poor never enjoy the benefit on it. Food security which is again giving free food to poor people.. why government is giving them work and then money..
  2. Imposing tax on which those who declare there assets honestly.
  3. never try to control service industry where without any control prices are increasing.
  4. never control the black money, corruption..
India is paying for choosing the honest Prime minister.. He is never oppose anything if he is honest why not he is resigning, why he is not controlling politician. why they are not controlling beurocrate they are not able to control politician and mafia..

well government policy..  


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shrinking Indian Economy 2013

Everyday Indian economy is facing new challenges. Everyone is affected by this variation. Economist are confuse, business man confuse, investors are also not able able to find the safe opportunity to invest. Political scenario is very much confusing ruling party is not finding any future but due to cast and religion there are a lot of hope for them. People are not bothered to change Government on basis of the development they want to change on there personal benefit.

Every time highly proficient economist Indian PM is not able to give right direction to country. What common  people understand that there principle to run government is not right. They want to complete there tenure at any cost by compromising everything.

People are confuse about Narendra Modi because in base level this party is not properly manage. They have high profile leader there reach ability to common people are very low. This may be a confusion for the investor.

Media is also confusing to the people. either opportunist are running this media community or inefficient journalist is making story without analysis or making analysis for there benefit. Government is also not able to control because of the risk loose credibility in society..

If there is any good reason or analysis available to share your idea to take precaution before shrink.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Support lokpal from inside house ( Parliament)

Indian economy is facing crisis during 2012 beginning onward.  But even the sluggish growth in corruption and scandles.. day by day it's increasing like any thing..

There are family politics or businessman are in politics there only one objective to join politics to get power and money for there luxurious life.. for them it's just a growth either either ethical or unthical..

Our good social worker those who is spending there day and night for the human development as well as for the growth of common people..

But if these people are really very stong and people are with them why not they are joining politics and definitly they will be elected as MP or MLA at least where ever they work that part will be clean and that area will become role model for everyone.

Really its better to do these things by the proper channel.

Let our sleeping PM can learn the lesson if you dont have will to do anything dont join hold the position and spoil the country future.

Let support Lokpall from inside...  

Friday, July 8, 2011

New business Hub Jammu and Kashmir

As Indian government approve the Rs 10Billion budget for the employment generation for five year in Jammu and Kashmir.

As per stats is concern the J&K again become a peaceful place in addition to some local political issue but it's really not going to affect there development.

Bascally, Kashmir is heaven on The earth. There are all beauties like lakes, gardens, climate and environment.

This place will be grow for the Tourism and Education. But it really needs a lot of local support otherwise this can be only the bubble.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recession increase the chance to grow Dubai again

Recession is over..

Now the all the world is gaining confidence to grow again...

As the international politics and business reason Dubai got confidence grow because of the following reason:

1. it's center point of the European country, Africa and Far East.

2. It's middle east based and safe country for the all the middle east and europe.

3. world class standard.

4. Costly but good place.

5. safe.

6. best place for the air connectivity.

etc this is the place having good relation with all the country..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fundamentals of project Management

Going back to the original question "What are the Fundamentals of Project Management?". It is my opinion that the top-liners should be:

General Management - day to day stuff

Financial - estimating, forecasting and budgeting

Monitoring & Control - risks, issues and planning

Organisation - everyone from the Board of Directors downwards

Resources - mainly the team and anyone brought in to assist, advise or consult

Communication - anyone and everyone affected by the project

Managing Relationships - team, stakeholders, suppliers and internals

Reporting - up, down and sideways

Friday, July 23, 2010

Business Boom and Investment started

Daily when i started read business news and find every company started to invest. It's really good time for the all who deeply involved in world progress.

Now a day's we have to keep in mind all the facts by which we lost and face big recession specially the US and European country.

Now strategically planning and keep all the worst facts in mind that anything happen rather than the all time good.

There are some facts about the recent data only Indian and Chinease Economy is really play decision making role in coming time..

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