Monday, April 7, 2008

Requirement analysis for the project

Basically Requirement analysis can devide in three parts-
1. Requirement analysis based on Technical conccept.
2. To undestand the Business Mosule.
3. On the basis of the client's client

for these above requirement analysis..

Project Management Basics

Phase of the Project Management for IT based company:

1. Analysis: in this phase the project manager will discuss the client’s requirements for the solution. This requirement will be based on
i. Business Environment
ii. Processes
iii. Systems
iv. Employee or user
v. Client’s clients
vi. And Organization structure.

Above all the points are considered for the analysis.

2. Design: In this phase a prototype solutions are design for the clients based on the above requirements. In this case project manager will design the module for the clients’ confirmation to development of the project.
3. Development: it is the most time consuming phase. This steps involved-
i. writing software code
ii. constructing hardware
iii. building data base
iv. Writing user interface.

If this phase is not properly executed it means there are gap between the clients requirement analysis and developer.

4. Testing: When solution has been built up the tester will match the clients requirement check all the condition. There are various types of testing includes system;
i. system
ii. load
iii. performance
iv. security
v. user interface testing

5. Implementation :After completion of the testing this is last phase where the project is going to implement in real system.

So final “check and Balance” in this case the project gives the result as the clients’ requirement.

These are the common type of the project management phases. As the completion of the project increasing the phases will be come more completed.

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