Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talent Management: Roles of the Human Resource Development in challenging scenario.

Talent Management: Roles of the Human Resource Development in challenging scenario.

Now days the recruitment is the toughest job of the company and to retain this is the biggest challenge:

Basically the HR is dividing in mainly in three parts:
i. Recruitment and Staffing
ii. Training and Development
iii. And most important Retention Management

i. Recruitment & Staffing:

Talent pool strategy rather than higher for specific positions.
Highly selective hiring process.
Develop the close relation with professional institutes to develop the time to time inputs to the students.
Develop the global branding among the employee to provide them exposure and training.
Focus on values and culture rather than to stick with routine job related skills.
Continuous monitoring and feedback for performance and potential of individual.
Grading against competency profile of successful leaders.
Use of talent inventories for selection/succession.
Different talent pools (Executive/specialist).

ii. Training & Development:

To develop the culture and give the top priority and deeply ingrained to leadership development.
Promotion policy should be within policy.
Continuous assessment of training needs and feedback.
Individual development plans should be live to succession planning process.
Sr. Manager should be the mentor and trainer for the new comer.
Job rotation and international exposure should be career development tools.

iii. Retention Management:

Personalized career plans.
Flexible working arrangement.
Priority to senior management.
Highly competitive compensation.
Continuous monitoring of attrition.
Diversity programme designed to develop, retain and promote diverse talent.

The above process should be only for the company which involved in brand building and entering in the global market.

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