Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shrinking Indian Economy 2013

Everyday Indian economy is facing new challenges. Everyone is affected by this variation. Economist are confuse, business man confuse, investors are also not able able to find the safe opportunity to invest. Political scenario is very much confusing ruling party is not finding any future but due to cast and religion there are a lot of hope for them. People are not bothered to change Government on basis of the development they want to change on there personal benefit.

Every time highly proficient economist Indian PM is not able to give right direction to country. What common  people understand that there principle to run government is not right. They want to complete there tenure at any cost by compromising everything.

People are confuse about Narendra Modi because in base level this party is not properly manage. They have high profile leader there reach ability to common people are very low. This may be a confusion for the investor.

Media is also confusing to the people. either opportunist are running this media community or inefficient journalist is making story without analysis or making analysis for there benefit. Government is also not able to control because of the risk loose credibility in society..

If there is any good reason or analysis available to share your idea to take precaution before shrink.

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