Friday, January 30, 2009

Unethical solution for Global Crisis

TATA announces for there employee to be ready for any type of decision. The same thing and similar things going on all over the world but without any information.
As we know that in India as well as most of the developing economy having some drawback like corruption and black money which hide and posses by the most of the influential person’s accounts in international bank.
During the 1991 India was facing very big economic crisis that time Manmohan Singh suggested to government that to legalize the Gold if they will deposit in government bank by paying anything.
Similarly they took some decision to just run country economy. Is this possible in India. Most of the Important post like Civil Servant, MP, MLA present and former as well as minister and some of the mediocre having a lot of illegal money but they are not able to use it directly because of taxing process as well as some constitutional reason. But they have huge amount as well as property in India and abroad.
In the same pattern most of the African country and Asian country have same kind of people but they are a bit afraid to enjoy the money.
If really government wants to move the market they have to give some flexibility to them to invest the money by some way government will not ask the queries as well as they can also invest their money in share, property, as well as jewelery and some other developing work.
I hope this huge amounts really some how move the sick industry which don’t have work. This is my personal opinion I would like to other person opinion regarding this by this way again the market can start moving and flourishing.

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