Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to understand the System Thinking:

How to understand the System Thinking:
The system is consist of the

1. Individual
2. Team
3. Organization
What is system?
A network of intracting elements that work together to carryout an objective, purpose and intentions. The above individual, team and organization is play the role in diffrent way to achieve the above.
What is input?
The people with their ideas, reasoning skills and talent+ money, material and equipment.
What is processing capacity?
The way to use the input to find the objective by the given operation. The system ability to transform inputs to desired products, services and knowledge.
this is called the processing capacity.
What is the output?
The achievement of the objective is called the output.or what the system delivers that becomes the input to other systems or that is recycled to to the environment.
What is feedback?
Feedback is the backbone of the process improvement and quality. The camparison between the deisred output and result. The diffrence which comes out in the output is called the feedback.
What is control?
The system ability to sence deviations from the desired output and to act on this feedback to minimise the suggetion.

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