Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Build the relationship (Marketing management Part4 )

As we have already discuss the three parts of the Marketing Management in which we discuss about the
1. need of the Marketing Management
2. Marketing Strategies.
3. Design the Marketing Program

In 4th part we will discuss about the how to retain the Customer for long time.

The big question for this will be:

How do you build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with key customer, channel members and suppliers?

This question will give the answer how to retain the customer.
To support the answer following points will be include.

* share of wallet
* Credible commitments
* Customer Relationship management
* Data ware house and Mining
* Market Basket Analysis
* Customer Pyramid
* Lifetime Customer value
* Cross selling
* Add- on Selling

As we know that this is era of the Information Technology. So with use of the CRM we can maintain the big data to continue follow up and feed back of the customer.

This article is useful for the students and Professional who is involve in the Marketing Management.

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