Monday, January 26, 2009

Recession : control the market

THis is not the new word for todays. AS the recession duration and prediction increasing day by day. BUt the good thing which i observe in the market are the midiocore the spoil the market for their own benefit.They make the project without any planning.@ if we take the example of the real state. The real state divert the money which they collect from 1st project and spending on third or fourth without thinking about the first.
Traders are taking the order from vendor and supplier in the same way as real state.
People are mad for money to invest in financial market their hard core money.
Oil sector and steel prices fluctuating and increasing like it will never come back.
Employees salary increasing like leaps and bounds employe offering without thinking how they will cover the money.
Price rise was in the same row. For the middle class and lower class people’s life become the hell becouse they are not able to manage and sustain the life.
Now the above all things are some how control and also coming back. after the three months again when bank will start to recover the money from the business man then again prices of the steel, real state as well as the employee salary will be some how under control.
THe best things i am observing those who are middle class are the lower class are coming again. those who’s gredds was under control.
Now the costing for any project which can start now can make very lower costing.
So again the company should think about the value for money and cost effectiveness withe short term planning.

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