Friday, April 25, 2008

TePP( Technopreneurship Promotion Program)

Techno-preneur Promotion Program:
As we all are aware that India's Economy is growing rapidly. Before five year only two three bsuiness Tycoon was in the richest list. But now a days its growing day by day. Its not becouse of the other reason is is becouse of the people believe in not to work in the company now people are thinking about to start a company of venture.

To suuport this kind of venture government is providing the fund.
Similarly the technopreneurship is conccept by which if any individual or group having some new and innovative idea they can get the opportunity to full fill there dream.
Technocrates are basically doing alot for the company and even though becouse no proper support and guidance they divert from the right path.
TePP is provinding the support and guidance to the entrepreneur to full fill there dream.

If any one need any information regarding this feel free to mail me.

This project is run by the support of the DSIR,TIFAC and DST.
For more deatisl fo these activity, Department of Science and Industrial Research Technolgy Information Forcasting Assesment Council.

In this goverment are promoting the Innovative Idea's of the Individaul and group. Government provide the fund more than enough to commercial it. It vary from 75,000 to 45,00,000 INR.

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