Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Support lokpal from inside house ( Parliament)

Indian economy is facing crisis during 2012 beginning onward.  But even the sluggish growth in corruption and scandles.. day by day it's increasing like any thing..

There are family politics or businessman are in politics there only one objective to join politics to get power and money for there luxurious life.. for them it's just a growth either either ethical or unthical..

Our good social worker those who is spending there day and night for the human development as well as for the growth of common people..

But if these people are really very stong and people are with them why not they are joining politics and definitly they will be elected as MP or MLA at least where ever they work that part will be clean and that area will become role model for everyone.

Really its better to do these things by the proper channel.

Let our sleeping PM can learn the lesson if you dont have will to do anything dont join hold the position and spoil the country future.

Let support Lokpall from inside...  

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