Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dubai Vision: Strong determination and Gloabl Vision

In MENA( Middle East North Africa) and Frontier Conference shows the determination and vision of the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Really he has strong will power to make it true in reality.

In this conference during the key note address he emphasised on some points and his aim for Dubai:
* To make Global financial Hub
* International standard Infrastructure.
* Biggest Tourist spot.

These above points are related to connect some points:
Dubai is center point to connect the East and west like East side Hong Kong and Tokyo
and west side New York and London. Dubai is one of the connecting point for these two ends of the world having best infra and rules and regulation to monitor the Financial center. Still it is one of the main part of the Middle east to control the financial market of the Middle east.

It have very much planned infrastructure with very motivated working people. Dubai is also developing the academic hub for the full fill the future requirements of the professional by providing the world class education.

For biggets tourist spot very soon Dubai is going to become the place of the world largest building earlier it have Sixth biggest port and Sixth biggest airport and comming time they are expecting to complete one more phase to become world's no. one air port hvinf125 airlines and 210 destination covering.

Dubai Mall is one of the biggest Mall in the world and other of the tourist and sports destination are on add position. Dubai Metro is one of the wonders without driver is also the biggest achievement.

Some other poinst Sultan Ahmad Bin Sulayen, Chairman of the Dubai worl:'" We believe that the economic fundamental of Dubai are strong and throgh the excellentleadership of his highness shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Maktoum, Dubai will continue to grow. Dubai world is part of long term vision of Dubai, creating the world class destination for living, Business & tourism."

He also emphasized the issue of the economic melt down is over and now again Dubai is ready to fly with more strong determination and global vision.

And he added some more points This crisis emposed new equationon major economies and opened promising horizons for new markets such as India and China as a part of a stage during which the roles and importance of these markets will grow.

Last but not least on the issue of the integrity on the relation with Abu dhabi and Dubai that these emirates are integral and complement to each other in same as the other emirates...

Now lets begin the era of the world class city....

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