Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Internet marketing

Now a days most of the business is converting from manual to aumated and letter to e-mail.

company profile to website etc. Transaction check and Cash, draft to online transaction.

Similarly Marketing is also changing from hard core and sales man to online Maketing.

Basicall online Marketing is strategic tools to use to increase th ROI and simplyfy the process.

The First step to move towards the internet Marketing is a good quality website covering your complete bsuness Module.

so some of the essential quality which is required for the any website.

1. The website must contain your all the sevices product and process. for this you need to explain the contents writer to work closely with your marketing team and operration department head. Means it delivers what it promises.

2. Site should be quickly downloded becouse we know that a internet user continuously accessing the multiple ste at the same time.

3. The information of the site must be changed frequently by which the visitors must visit your site in search of the new information.

4. In most of the site they are not properly giving the contact information in this case conact information should be easy to find.

5.It must be siple in use for your target audiance.

6. It must contains some feedback form, e-mail forms. and may be the some online rating etc...

7. sample products should creat the intrest on the product.

So this first step of the internet marketing. If you have any querris on above feel free to mail me.

Human Traffic Engineering

Every day we are reading the nesw paper with two wheeler accident.
I want to share the statics related to the road traffic and accident.
For this i would like to share my view to the people to share there experience related to it.

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