Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing closing ceremony

Great China
Great XXIX olympic started on dated 08.08.2008 and end on 25.08.2008 by the special creativity by the people of the china..

What was special there except the sports.....
If talk about the creativity so we can say it is existing everywhere..
Event management... yes it was there
Management: this successful event happen becouse of the best management exiting everywhere.
Engineering: yes it was the there becouse without this the infrastructure cannot exist.
Culture: yes
and Social and volunteer: there was alot of volunteer they participated in this event to make it successful.
To organize this event was really a great success of the Engineering, Managment and creativity.
Really after a long time of the terrorist and natural calamity and political imbalance in the world we are realizing that there are alot of thing which can develop the love and peace. This shows the sacrifice and culture sharing.
Again i will request to world look in the betterment of the world. we have to creat and make better world rather than to destroy ....

Beijing closing ceremony

Great China

Great olympic sa

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