Friday, May 2, 2008

Business Planning

Planning is the strategies to win the game.
Similrly the Business Planning is the winning plan. Their are some common mistakes which occur during the Business planning and Implementation.
As we know that Business Planning is theoratical part while the Implemantation is practical conditon.

Some of the common mistakes occur during the Business planning.

* No clear objectvie- Some time in the business planning they deviate from the path. Becouse before going to make the next step just review the past phase of the project.

* No proper Marketing plan: some time they mentioned all the marketing plan without adding practical marketing strategies or they have no clear cutt path how to achieve the marketing pla.

* Overestimation of the revenue: Most of the Business planner are highly experience so they have some experience in flourished company. so their prediction are wrong during the revenue estimation for the new company.

* Lack of the viable opportunity:

* no proper prediction of the money appreciation. as we all know that current market scenario are changing rapidly but its difficult to predict the appreciation module.

* Copetition prediction

this is also very flexible condition in which the in initial case may be no main competitors availabel but in future amay be some highly strong competitors occurs in the market.

* Lack of consistency in Business plan: common planner should be bttter for the complete business paqllning module. Becouse everyone's observation is diffrent on common points.

so the plnner should be consistants.

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