Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recession increase the chance to grow Dubai again

Recession is over..

Now the all the world is gaining confidence to grow again...

As the international politics and business reason Dubai got confidence grow because of the following reason:

1. it's center point of the European country, Africa and Far East.

2. It's middle east based and safe country for the all the middle east and europe.

3. world class standard.

4. Costly but good place.

5. safe.

6. best place for the air connectivity.

etc this is the place having good relation with all the country..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fundamentals of project Management

Going back to the original question "What are the Fundamentals of Project Management?". It is my opinion that the top-liners should be:

General Management - day to day stuff

Financial - estimating, forecasting and budgeting

Monitoring & Control - risks, issues and planning

Organisation - everyone from the Board of Directors downwards

Resources - mainly the team and anyone brought in to assist, advise or consult

Communication - anyone and everyone affected by the project

Managing Relationships - team, stakeholders, suppliers and internals

Reporting - up, down and sideways

Friday, July 23, 2010

Business Boom and Investment started

Daily when i started read business news and find every company started to invest. It's really good time for the all who deeply involved in world progress.

Now a day's we have to keep in mind all the facts by which we lost and face big recession specially the US and European country.

Now strategically planning and keep all the worst facts in mind that anything happen rather than the all time good.

There are some facts about the recent data only Indian and Chinease Economy is really play decision making role in coming time..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Recession Over

Business news and Classified booming there no. of pages are increasing.

same Job sites are updating the profile people are getting call from employer.

now really recession over.

it's just a time after storm and twister.

really before one year till march everything was unpredictable. now everything is changing..

things are moving.

people are spending money,,

now really recession is over...\\

before going to invest be careful.. dont forget the concept of Warren Buffet...

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