Saturday, July 19, 2008

Important question for successful employee

Almost cases i observe that Aptitude and attitutde is key factor of the success of the employee and employer or visionary company.

As employee to understand the performance the employee to check the following question for honest answer..
1. What has been your greatest achievement on the job?

2. What are you happiest doing?

3. What three things could we do to make this company more successful?

4. What excite or motivates you?

5. what would you do if you ware leading this company?

above all the question most of the times employee as well as Boss missing the listening quality. they feel to intrupting on the discussion shows that they are more intelligent and understand the process but they forget that they are lacking and not understand the case which was about to discuss by important and experience person.

above all the listening is great quality of the successful employee..

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