Saturday, May 24, 2008

Market Research or Market Survey Report

Market Survey (important points which required for Report)

Introduction: In which the end products, end users and its suitability and strength of selecting particular product should be mentioned.

Product: In this section the product specifications, sizes, brands, packaging and selling price etc.

Assessment of Demand: Demand and supply is the key of the market strategies this section will broadly cover the following points.

  • About the consumer and clients Class and Type.
  • Pattern of Consumption and Frequency of purchases.
  • Product life cycle and present status
  • Past Demand Pattern
  • Future anticipated demand projection
  • Buying criteria and influencing factors

Supply position: Current availability of and production capacities vs. utilization and

Present indigenous and imported supply sources, their price comparisons, services etc.

Market Practices: Present prevailing marketing practices

- Distribution, Packaging and forwarding, Credit policy, Delivery, after sales service

- Selling price, taxation structure and commission patterns

- Purchasing procedures, time and practices prevailing

Own Market Plans and Strategies

- Own market share of supply- demand gap

- Strength and special services to be offered if any

- Possible clientage and their likelihood of buying from you

The above points are required to cover the market survey.

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