Thursday, August 28, 2008

Indo African Relationship

This is to reference to the The Guardian to the Optimism on India, Africa cooperation.
As India has Look East India Policy and development of the far east relationship now India is looking for the most potential country Africa to development and investment in Agriculture, manufacturing, hotels etc sector to develop the East African country.
today one day conclave held in Dar Es Salaam on India Africa relationship. This conclave will build and strengthen the relationship between India and Tanzania.
And we can hope that Industries, trade and Marketing minister Mary Nagu and Infrastructure development minister Shukuru Kawambwa are schedule to chair technical session at the conclave, whose theme is celebrating India-Africa partnership.
As we know that most of the African country are suffering from the basic necessities like food, education, and Medical facility.
and hope India and Africa co-operation will concentrate on these issues for the further relationships.

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