Monday, May 12, 2008

A day in the Life of B- School Students

A day in the Life of B- School Students

As we know that the daily routine of the students during the college is really very exciting. May be some of the college students can opt this routine for learning as well as for Fun.

7:00 am – Review notes for the 1st class.

7:30 am - Eat some high energy flakes cereal, read the business news paper like Business Times (professor likes to discuss news items that relate to the class topics).

8:00 am Read review for quantitative methods exam, do practice problems reread case on control system for organizational behavior class.

9:00 am- Arrive at school go to “reading room” to hang out with everyone. Check student’s mailbox for invitation to recruiter events.

9:30 am- Integrative Management Class: Guest speaker from Case study discuss how the company approached the problems.

10:45 am - Hang out.

11:00 am – Organizational Behavior Class: get in couple of good comments: debate the effectiveness of a management decision with another student in class.

12:15 pm – Get some lunch and grab with some friends. Talk about the lousy cafeteria food and who’s dating whom.

2:00 pm- Microeconomics class: listen to lecture on monopolistic competition.

3:15 pm- Arrive at home, change into workout cloths. Go running, lift weight and relax.

6:00 pm- Eat dinner; watch the news read the next day’s case study.

7:45 pm- Meet up for group study session; help each other with home work problems on interpreting regression statistics discussion how to account for capital losses vs. operating losses.

10:00 pm- Back at home review more cases, read next class assignment in text book.

Midnight- watch a letterman” till asleep” board room dream.

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