Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sports is good career opportunity

As the day by day the sports popularity increasing in India. It gives the better opportunity than other routine opportunity.
Now a days sports activity like cricket( ICL and IPL ) provide a lot of money along with the Fame. this is better opportunity than the routine career. A country can not be get the strength by one thing until or unless it will not come in all direction.

we are doing well in some the area well but in the sports we are worst one. How we can motivate the youngster to make the alternate career as sports.
The similer way the choice of the students career is decided by the parents. This is the reason that spots are the last choice of the candidate even though the life of the sports man his peak period is small but after that he can become good coach and trainer.
So really if you want make really India shining so we have to promote the sports. Those who are donating money to the trust better we can also sponsor the sports man by which they will motivate and come in front line

Great ABhinav....
Great Bijendra and Jitendra.....

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