Saturday, March 14, 2009

Raju's is not as corrupt as Indian Politician and officer's

Ramlingam raju is now in Jail and now alot of charges are against him. Daily i used to read a lot article against him as well as some of the Magazine give special coverage in front page. But as if we see his good work then his wrong work is small in comparision to our Beurocrat and Politician.

He is guilty in this case a lot of person are finger out.

As per his good work is concern he provided a lot Job opportunity.
He earn alot foreign currency.
He paid a lot Taxes to Indian government.
He set up so many company for emloyment as well as infrstrcuture development.
He represented India In Many country as INtelligent ITians and BUsiness TYcoon.
He also contributed a lot of money to charity work as well as for the social contribution.

If we try to see the negetive side of his work:
1. He make the wrong balance sheet with help of AUDITOR( AGAIN POLICY and LOOPHOLE of government system.
2. He make a wrong employment list in which again government involment.

All together playing with government plocy with the goverment system.

Similarly if we see the most of the Business people have a lot of restriction to do the business, they have to follow the POlitcian and Beurocrat even what ever the capability Businessman have.

May be i am not right here but as the capability Raju have really its should be appreciable.
This time government should give him some favor rather than punishing him government should take action against the person who supported him as well as share the amount.

Also government should have to develop the flexible and strong controlling system by which the Good people like Raju cannot be make the wrong success path.


  1. Well said Arvind Sir..Infact Raju helped Andhra Pradesh people a lot..In his own village at least one person of the house are working with Satyam..Even Raju used to give one lakh Rs to the newly born girl of the village for her development..So whatever he has done just to make his company competitive to other IT companies and he inflated the overall amount.but these politican are far worse then this poor guy..If we can able to sieze their swiss accounts then we can easily find each and every renowned politican's account there

  2. thanks ankur for your valuable comments. what ever points you added are really very good.

    The main poinst behind the issue if some one is doing some illegle activity then what is the role of the other monitoring and excutive body of government.


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