Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Failure of Indian Economy

Today we crossed Rs.65/$ government is imposing tax on TV LED,LCD, and plasma TV 35%.. and government have a another plan. 

Now government is focusing on rich and NRI those who declare there money and honestly paying there taxes. For NRI earning government will impose tax and and what they will carry to there loving motherland they again take money from them..

Why UPA failed:

  1. Pro poor politics where poor never enjoy the benefit on it. Food security which is again giving free food to poor people.. why government is giving them work and then money..
  2. Imposing tax on which those who declare there assets honestly.
  3. never try to control service industry where without any control prices are increasing.
  4. never control the black money, corruption..
India is paying for choosing the honest Prime minister.. He is never oppose anything if he is honest why not he is resigning, why he is not controlling politician. why they are not controlling beurocrate they are not able to control politician and mafia..

well government policy..  


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