Friday, May 9, 2008

Part 2: Key strategies for Marketing Management

Part 2: Key strategies for Marketing Management

As we have already discussion about the needs and wants of the customer. After the customer needs and wants How to go for other big marketing strategies questions:

How do you target and segment the Market?
How do you position a product or services?
How do you use Marketing to build a sustainable competitive advantage?

Above these questions are use to help to go for the STP (segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

As we have sufficient information and data in two format primary data and secondary data. These data are used to make the Marketing strategies depending on the above two questions.

By the above question we will get the following main headings like:

Ø Target Market
Ø Market Segmentation
Ø Mass Customization
Ø Composite segmentation plans
Ø Customer Loyalty
Ø Positioning
Ø Perceptual Map

Even though depending on the marketing strategies five determinants play very important role in customer perspective:
i. Reliability
ii. Assurance
iii. Tangibles
iv. Empathy
v. Responsiveness.

These are the points which are required to discuss about the Marketing strategies…

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