Sunday, October 19, 2008

corruption: keeps moving the system

The word "corruption" ridiculous word. whenever we are listening, reading this word we are fed up and started blaming to the system and government.

recently i was in Kenya for some business tour with my very close friend cum mentor. we ware in bar cum restaurant just chatting about the global crisis, one of the intellectual waiter of the hotel was also their chatting with one of the European business man.
as per the routine of the human being the waiter was blaming the government for the corruptions. same time as a habit of the intellectual person the European guys speak a sentence that corruption keeps things moving. it is good for the system.
this sentence still penetrating in my mind.
but when i started to understand the word really it makes me to understand it. why and where the corruption is good and where it is harmful for the progress of the country.
why it is good and why it is bad.
If a business man will start to follow the 100% rules ans system he can not do the business. if all the government officer start to follow the system everything will be stop.
Like if builder will start to follow 100% rules he can not construct the building and if the Government officer will be loose then that building will kill a lot of the people.
yes corruption is acceptable if it will not harm the system. really i am very happy to learn the lesson from the Gentleman.
if you have time please think about it...

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