Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recession : how to face it? Threat and opportunity>>>>>>>>>

Recession is the world which stop us to think longer...Whole the world American economy, EU, miidle east, Asian economy etc are facing big challenges to sustain. Every body feels their will no another day..Even though some of the market can sustain but even the panic of the people and emotions can not be control.
most of the economist and industry giving the guidance to the people and company to be stagnant for some time or wait for another good days..
As we know that after every darkness is indication of the bright day, every worst time is indication of the good time.
what we can imagine about this that this recession is indication of the big opportunity...
so yes, becouse as we know that the bubble is bursted and reality is coming now.
Now some of the big sector is coming with huge opportunity. this is time to thing
which sector? what opportunity? when to start? how to start? what precaution and measure we have to take before investing?
if we are working what plan is required to sustain?
This is really time and plan for the start some new things?
Recently i throgh with the news that alot of the people lost their hard core money. so which money we have to invest in the market, what kind of risk we have take and what extent?
so, i hope we people are going to find the opportunity in this recession...

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